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Project Information

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Science and Technology Fellowship Programme in China aims at:

  • promoting the mobility of EU researchers towards the Chinese research and development area to successfully develop meaningful and long-lasting contact
  • sustaining the links and research partnerships between EU and Chinese research institutions

The STF China Programme has 1 intake of 30 researchers from EU member states. The fellows will be offered:

  • 2 days briefing in Brussels prior to the departure
  • 6-month tailor-made Chinese language and research culture training in Beijing
  • 18-month practical research period in a Chinese host organisation
  • networking and events for STF fellows including support to the formation and functioning of an STF fellow alumni organisation

The Programme will be implemented through centralised direct management with overall management responsibility of the European Commission Delegation to China and Mongolia. These first two intakes constitute a Preparatory Action which will allow the European Commission to prepare proposals with a view to the adoption of future actions of this kind in 2010.

Reference for STF 1: EuropeAid/127024/L/ACT/CN

Reference for STF 2: EuropeAid/128952/L/ACT/CN
Budget line: BGUE-B2009-19.100104-CI-AIDCO

Contracting Authority is the European Commission.




  • 推动欧盟研究人员参与中国研究开发的进程,以促使双方建立起长久而有意义的联系。
  • 促进欧盟与中国各研究机构之间的联系,增进双方的研究伙伴关系。


  • 为期两天,在布鲁塞尔举办的“行前准备会”
  • 在北京举办的,为期六个月,有针对性的汉语和科研文化培训
  • 在中国各科研机构开展的,为期十八个月的实习研究
  • 各种项目学员联谊活动,包括推进项目学员联合会的组建及运作等等